TL1000 GPS Mileage Log Tracker 

The TL1000 is a simple and attractive logger that records every move with GPS precision. Its large, built-in antenna can track trips downtown, and unlike cell phone applications, there is no need to turn it ON because it’s always ON and ready.

No need to start and stop an app, Just stick it on the dashboard and you’re done!

Vehicle Mileage Tracking Solution Key Features:

• Automatic Start GPS Mileage Tracking
• Discrete and attractive - fits conveniently on your dashboard
• GPS built-in, to record all your trips with 50 000 miles memory (70 000KM)
• Always ready, no intervention required or delays during day to day use*
• Detects vehicle movement, only logs travelled distance when the vehicle is moving
• Visual and audio indication of GPS signal and power loss• Light sensor automatically dims LED at night
• Automatic trip recovery when losing signal in a tunnel
• Ends a trip when you stop for more than 5 minutes  and no vibration is detected 
• Motion sensor preventing the end of trips when waiting in traffic more than 5 minutes
• Installation of OBDII cable leaves the cigarette lighter socket free for other uses          
• All records are encrypted for security, if stolen your travel records are safe from prying eyes**         
• Password reset can only be done by TripLogik, if stolen, it becomes useless          
• Detailed reports can be generated, printed or exported to other applications like MS-Excel         
• Push button allows you to choose the trip type (business or personal) or log specific points of interest         
• Can be used with trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycle, off-road, on water anywhere on the planet                
*  assuming the vehicle’s on board diagnostic connector is used via the OBDII cable provided and remains powered at all times             
** assuming the user has configured a password



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